Diamond Price Secrets

How much does an engagement ring cost?

I understand how confusing and overwhelming it can be to find the perfect diamond. Your first thought is probably to look online to get a general ballpark figure for what a diamond will cost, right? But you may become frustrated the longer you look at diamonds online because you’ll see various prices and won’t know why each one costs what it does.

The big problem with buying internet diamonds is that clients can’t see the actual diamonds they’re choosing from. They see a long list of price options that can vary by thousands of dollars for a diamond with very similar (if not the same) specifications, which makes it hard to know why one costs what it does, and whether or not it really is better than the one on the line below it. And when they finally do see it in person after the purchase, it may not be what they thought. Happens all the time.


Secret #1

Why One Diamond Looks Bigger Than The One Next to it Despite Being The Same Carat Size

Let’s say you have two 2.50ct diamonds side-by-side. Both have the same color & clarity, but you notice that one of them looks smaller than the other. This is likely because the GIRDLE thickness is causing one of the stones to look small. The girdle is the widest point of the diamond when looking at it from the top. Often times diamond cutters will cut a diamond to hit a certain carat weight because this makes the per/carat price jump significantly higher. However, just because it weighs in at 2.50ct, doesn’t means it LOOKS like a 2.5ct.


– Thin

– Medium

– Slightly Thick

The Girdles that are NOT advisable to choose are:

– Very Thick

– Extremely Thick

If you choose one of these last two, you’re just paying for extra carat weight. Let’s say your budget only allows for the 2.50ct that looks smaller – In this case, the better scenario would be to get around a 2.25ct that is cut to the same proportions as that 2.50ct and you’ll end up paying less for the same size. The 2.25ct will likely sparkle a lot more, too, since the overall cut will be better.

If you go with the small 2.50ct, you’ll just be paying for the carat weight without seeing the benefit of the larger stone.

Secret #2

Consider “SI” Clarity Diamonds in Addition to “VS” Clarity

Diamond inclusions come in many sizes and colors, which greatly affect the diamond’s price. (The “Clarity” grade on the 4C’s refers to the degree in which these imperfections are present and visible on the diamond.) Unless you get a “Flawless” diamond, there will be some form of inclusion in your diamond. The great thing about this is that it becomes the birthmark of your diamond! The benefit is that you can always identify this as YOUR diamond (under extreme magnification, of course).

Many people come to us with the idea that they need VS clarity or above because they are fixated on a paper grade, but the truth is this: No one wears the certificate on their finger.

One thing I would suggest is that you consider SI clarity diamonds in addition to VS clarity. I wouldn’t suggest this if you were picking a stone blindly off an internet list based solely on the certificate since in that case you can’t see the location and size of the inclusion. However, if someone is personally choosing a selection of diamonds for you, we would select only the very best SI options. Inclusions come in a variety of shapes and colors and if we’re able to find one where the inclusion is white, or can be hidden by a prong, or it’s barely perceptible to the naked eye, you would be able to get a bigger size while still staying within budget.

When I show them their SI clarity options, quite often they see that they can get a bigger diamond by going with SI clarity while still staying near their budget. And as long as I do my job correctly by getting you a beautiful SI diamond, you win!

This doesn’t mean that VS clarity options aren’t worth looking at – they absolutely are. My point is to keep your options open if someone is looking at diamonds on your behalf since the inclusions on a diamond can be all sorts of colors and shapes. In many cases, you could pay the same price for a diamond where the inclusion is not visible as you would for a diamond where it is visible. Crazy, right? Obviously you would likely go with the SI clarity diamond where the inclusions are not visible if it allows you to also get a bigger stone within the same budget.

I’m not saying that the “biggest size” is always the most important thing, BUT let’s be real here. When it comes to diamonds, in my experience nearly 10 out of 10 women would choose the bigger diamond if given the option.

Secret #3

Fluctuating Diamond Prices Can Benefit You.

The diamond market changes every day (similar to how the stock market varies daily). This means if a diamond dealer buys stones when the market is lower, those diamonds often reflect the lower cost, which means the markup doesn’t change. They will make the same profit, but YOU get a better deal than current market prices. It allows dealers to stay competitive with pricing and move stock quickly.

This is one of the benefits to working with a jewelry company that doesn’t own an inventory of diamonds. It allows them to go in search of the exact stones you’re looking for rather than trying to push an inventory of stones. Plus, they can get awesome deals on great diamonds for clients because when a client is ready to choose their diamond, they utilize my network of diamond dealers to ship in the BEST stones at the BEST prices. In the end, it allows you to get a larger diamond for the same price, which makes YOU look like the best fiancé ever once she looks inside her ring box. Win-Win for everyone.

Secret #4

She’ll Be Wearing The Diamond, Not The Certificate.

Don’t get hung up on what’s on the Diamond Certificate. The certificate is only a piece of paper and it DOESN’T grade “Most Beautiful.”

Keep this in mind: She’ll be wearing the diamond, not the certificate.

Diamonds are typically accompanied by a grade report, which is issued by an independent gemological association such as the GIA, EGL, AGS, etc. This will formally list all the characteristics of your chosen diamond.

You’ll see a lot of diamonds at various prices and not know why each one costs what it does. Many people come to us fixated on a specific grade, but your fiancé won’t be wearing the certificate on her finger. All she is going to see is whether or not it’s gorgeous, white & sparkly.

It is important for customers to know that the purpose of a diamond certificate is to identify and describe the diamond… That’s all! Many customers feel that the certificate is a guarantee or warranty – It is not. Even the disclosure on certificates states: “This certificate is NOT an appraisal, guarantee, or warranty”.

Color and clarity results can differ based on when or who grades the diamond. It’s not done by a machine, it’s done by a human. This is why the same diamond can go to the same lab and receive different grades.

The color and clarity are the OPINION of the lab at that time, which is why colors D-J all fall into “Colorless” & “Near Colorless” categories rather than each in their own specific category. It’s a sliding scale. The sweet spot is being in the D-J color category though – this will ensure that she doesn’t see any major color on her diamond. If she’s very sensitive to seeing color, stick to D-H colors.

Dimensions alone will not tell you if a diamond is bright or pretty. This is why you cannot rely solely on the certificate to determine how gorgeous a diamond is.

Hopefully this information has helped you become a more confident consumer!

Vanessa Nicole is a master diamond setter in San Diego creating custom engagement rings for clients worldwide. Vanessa has received over half a million views on YouTube for her ring videos. She is the bestselling author of ‘The Perfect Custom Engagement Ring’, and has a 5-star rating on every review sites. She also provides a personalized touch by offering a Making Of The Ring™ DVD, which documents the creation of each engagement ring.


The History of Engagements – Reasons for a Ring

The customary practice of giving engagement rings started way back in the prehistoric times when cavemen tied cords around their mate’s waists, ankles, and wrists to take control of her spirit. Some remains of ancient Egyptians were also found wearing a silver or gold ring on the middle finger of their left hands. It was believed that the third finger is directly connected to the heart.

In the first century B.C., the sultans and sheiks in Asia used puzzle rings to tag every wife they have. The use of rush-ring in weddings began when a bishop of Salisbury ended the practice of using it to seduce women to a mock marriage. He declared that rush-rings shall be used to legally bind marriages.

The first use of diamond engagement rings was dated back in 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave a ring with M-shaped pieces of diamonds to Mary of Burgundy during a wedding proposal. Since then, wealthy people turned it into a practice.

In the 1700s, Europe made it popular to give “poesy rings” made of silver and engraved with verbose sayings. While the Puritans across the Atlantic Ocean used thimbles instead of rings to propose. Later on, many of the Puritans sliced the top off the thimbles and turned them into rings.

The beginning of the huge supply of diamonds started on the discovery of Cape Colony in South Africa. In 1880, Cecil Rhodes, together with other mining investors, opened the DeBeers Mining Company, which controlled ninety percent of the world’s diamond production ten years later.

The design of today’s engagement rings was inspired from “Tiffany setting”. In 1886, Tiffany & Co, introduced “Tiffany setting” as a six-prong ring with a diamond raised up from the band to maximize the gem’s brilliance. In the 1890s, Sears & Roebuck and other mail-order catalogs first presented the affordable wedding rings and diamond engagement rings.

In the Roman times, rituals called only for the blessing of the bride’s ring. Until a Catholic priest inquired The American Ecclesiastical Review in 1944 as to whether he can wed a couple in a “double ring”. The inquiry received a positive response, thus the beginning of grooms’ rings.

In the course of time, together with its popularity, the diamond industry was associated with a growing human rights violations. The World Diamond Council developed a system in 2000 to stop the use of diamonds in human exploitation.

Today, diamond engagement rings continue its vogue. According to a study in 2002, more than one-third of couples who buy diamond engagement rings spend at least two months of their salary.

Visualize the Voom and Vibe That Valentine’s Day Brings to You and Me

Visualize a time when the vibe of loving wishes and unity can be felt everyday. The sound of a loud boom- instantly calling love to you would be so much fun if you could celebrate a great heartfelt holiday at any time of the year! Valentines’ Day wishes to you and to all of your loved ones. Why you question would anyone think to speak about Valentine’s Day in September? Remember what the day is said to symbolize: Love and Compassion. Valentine’s Day wishes in September is sure to render questions and most importantly: The message will be received by all loud and clear- someone is thinking of touching your heart today and can’t wait another five months to show heartfelt expression of love and appreciation for the value that you bring to me and you and to everyone that is blessed to be a part of your life story. Show someone hurting out there how much you would love to help, support or exhort them in love, peace, and harmony. Heartfelt well wishes to all of you beautiful, exuberant, vivacious souls out there!

A day of love is when we all publicly allow our heart-loving expression to be made manifest; displayed into the world: love to be expressed into gifting rituals and acts of kindness: a day of love, gifting of chocolate and flowers; love openly expressed and wished to others; love of self- don’t forget to appreciate the giver of love as much as the recipient receives; albeit in a balanced, constructive and private tone.

LOVING ACTS OF KINDNESS-sent out into the universe for all of our lovers and loved-ones; neither love is greater; both types of love are beautiful, nurturing, and yet distinctly different. We can also add the love of humanity- we are all more happy and content giving and receiving love than any other emotion. Let’s make the planet vibration higher by showing one another more love, peace and compassion by helping our fellow man, who is hurting, suffering or experiencing the looming of growing pains of changes on the planet. Economic concerns, weather related worries, civil unrest or whatever the issue, we need to give and receive love and understanding now more than ever before. There truly is a global need for love, love of sister, brother, friend or father, the unexpressed love for humanity must come across in your actions too!

It’s called the universal energy of love;society in synchronicity; for all living beings to fill their heart-warming sense of love; filling their vacuum of love to be replenished or demonstrated openly…

Heartfelt well wishes are when we take a day for genuine, unprovoked expression* openly demonstrated; yet exclusive to loved ones, and all-inclusive to your fellow man;

A sharing of thoughtful heartfelt giving of love from one beating heart to another. The love shared from oneself to another, or other beautiful recipients.

Who’s your valentine this year? I’ll bet you have many. Maybe your mom, whose loving heart brings you joy and peace; maybe your father, whether he’s here, or gone away to help God and the angels take care of you and me…

The festivities, or reason for showing heartfelt expression, has been recognized and appreciated for many years and shall be celebrated for many more to come.

Did you think about my question?

Whom is your Valentine?

Your brother, or sister, maybe you only have one; and his heart warms you soul, not just on Valentine’s Day, but his heart warms your soul year-round, and you desire to recognize him on this emotive, heart-appreciating day..

Maybe your Valentine is Mr. Smith, the grocery store manager, or Billy the store carry-out clerk that drives the extra mile for you and takes your groceries straight to the car; as he patiently waits for you when you SPONTANEOUSLY PAUSE, to tie your shoe, or your impromptu act of sorting through your purchases and organizing your fruit selection.

Valentine’s Day is:

Just to recognize and let the world know,

Everyone is a valentine’s day candidate;

All you have to do is be bold enough or honest enough with yourself and your loved one(s),

And openly express your red, ripe, loving giving, lovingly, openly-expressed wish.

Before you get on with the daily business that may overtake your time and ability to get those giving words of love to your valentine.

Remember to express your heartfelt gratitude and tenderness to those who touch your heart the most- whether in subtle ways or acts of kindness,unspoken gratitude or unbridled compassion for humanity, it’s all the same. The heart beats stronger when you and me show our love, compassion, appreciation and understanding for our fellow man whom is fighting a battle and deserves a valentine day hug, smile or even a piece of heart-shaped candy. Warming the heart of another may just warm your own heart in the process.

Make the time to state your appreciation: make it known, before the today is gone and over for 2016.”

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

* “MY husband, who stands by me, my father, whom is up in Heaven, I love you gentlemen always. Everyday for me is Valentine’s Day when I think of each of you.”

Enjoy Valentine’s Day, or at least what it symbolizes, remember to express your heart openly before the year ends. To everyone that has a beating heart: let your words recognize and epitomize the importance of love in your life and i shall do the same in mine.


How It All Started!

Hello girls!

I am not saying ‘hello boys’ because I think this is much of a girls story and you won’t be able to think in our shoes until you wear them, but still if you want to continue reading, then, welcome guests…

Hello Girls and Boys!

I am a 27 year old girl working in an IT Industry at a quite good position, ummm, one should not blabber about herself so much, so, I am in an okay position. I own a bike, live in one BHK rented flat which I have decorated very much with all girls stuffs mostly in pink and green (both my favorite colors).

I have lots of friends and four best friends, every weekend we have a blast, sometimes this blast includes disc, boozing, dance, sometimes it includes cooking the best dishes that one can experiment at my place or some of my friend’s place, sometimes putting a open air grill in my balcony and simultaneously having cold drinks with a feeling of beer (I don’t allow alcohol in my apartment as it leaves a stinky smell behind… that’s yuckk) sometimes driving in our bikes without knowing what is our destination, in short there are many sometimes and only one many a times and that is shoooppppinggg! But the sad part of this many a times is that, it lasts for only two weeks after our salaries are credited.

Summarizing my life, it was awesomely awesome when one fine day my friend Silvia said:

“I am getting married”

“WHattttt… you must be joking”

“Nooo, I am not, does my face look like I am joking, is there any smile you can spot on it” she sounded like a wild cat.

“How, why, when, where… ” I was damn confused.

“There is a guy, he is an NRI, my family knows his family well, he will be going to US next month so, his parents want him to be married before he leaves, and now I am the one they have chosen… bingo, I am the luckiest girl of the millennium”

I was so confused that I could not figure out her bingo and luckiest girl of the millennium meant “Shoot, I am screwed” or was she really feeling lucky. Then it took seconds for me to understand and you will too don’t worry!

“But he is going next month, how will you marry him in a month”

“Oh yeah, this is something you thought and I haven’t been thinking” she roared on me like a tigress.

“Okay, calm down darling, what are your parent’s thoughts”

“They have gone crazy, if they could, they will marry me tomorrow”

Now tell me, what can you tell to a girl when she says something like this, please keep in mind she was holding a disposal glass filled with tea, which we call here in Bangalore full cup tea and she haven’t taken even a sip yet.

“Hmm..” I couldn’t hmm for long, I had to say something, she was waiting for my inputs, but I had to think and speak after all she had a full cup tea in her hand. Where the hell are my other friends…

Say something, say anything, c’mon think of something, you have such a big head can’t you think of a sensible word other than hmm.

“Hmmmm..” I said again, this time it was bit longer.

Dear do not laugh, it is a natural phenomenon, in a crisis situation one’s brain stops working.

“What hmmm… are you doing? This is my life’s decision I cannot take it in few minutes or few hours, I got to know that guy”

“Yeah… why don’t you talk to that guy once, you will get to know him”

“Ohh Please, even a sex addict will also be nice to you when you talk to him for the first time”

“I am damn sure, he won’t be a sex addict, your parents know him na”

“I am not saying he is a sex addict, OMG, what if he is?” she panicked.

“Do you want me to bring you a soda or something, as it is too hot in here, I dun think tea is a good idea at this hour of day” I said gulping my own saliva.

“Yes please, thank you so much” she said throwing the cup full of tea directly into the dustbin without even getting up.

“Relax, baby… I am sure, he would be a very nice guy. After all he is gonna be your husband” I said with a very big and flattering smile on my face.

“You think so?” said she with pity eyes.

“Ohh baby, definitely… talk to him once”

“Hey one sec, if he is traveling next month to US then what about you” I said again, but I do not know why I had to say this, for the first time in the evening she calmed down and boom… I lit the fire again…

“Yeah… exactly… and you know his parents have the solution for this too. You want to know what it is, the solution is that I will take a transfer from here to Chandigarh and stay with his parents while he is in US. I will be filing in for a dependent visa and once it gets approved I will have to quit my job and happily go live with him, cook for him, sweep for him and surely sleep with him too. You know what is a dependent visa right… I will not have a work permit, which means I will be jobless, totally jobless… ” she was going crazy.

“Take a breath… calm down, everything is gonna be okay… calm down”

“Your parents must have thought over all of these, why don’t you talk to them first” I said again.

“They want me to get married… am I such a burden on them… ” and now she was crying. I felt bad.

“Come honey, lets go to my room”

We were about to leave when two of my friends came, their timing was just perfect like the Bollywood movie cops, after the show was over.

“Hey… what happened, why are you crying” said Joe.

“It’s a long story, let us go to my flat and discuss” I said.

We drove to my flat which is in fourth floor and the lift was under maintenance so, Silvia had stopped crying in the journey from ground floor to fourth floor by stairs.

As I opened my flat, my other two friends the most vicious characters, rushed into to occupy the most puffed bean bags leaving behind two, among which one was okay to sit and the other was a mini bean bag that I got for free when I bought the other three big ones.

I, being the most generous and also self invited host of the evening offered Silvia to sit on the bigger one and sat on the lil one somehow adjusting my but.

“So, what’s the big story?” said Addi, another friend of mine.

“Has someone again stolen her jeans from the terrace while she kept it to dry after wash” teased Joe.

“Guys, this is serious, Sil is getting married” I said

“Whatt… ” both of them said together.

I narrated the whole story and firstly they were like ‘Hawww’ then ‘hmmm’ then, actually nothing after giving their two reactions they just kept nodding their heads.

“I have an idea, why doesn’t Sil call that guy right now from here” Joe bursted.

“Whoa whoa… doesn’t her parents should know this before she calls him” Addi said with concern.

“Okay, Sil, go ahead, tell your parents that you are going to call him now just because you need to know the guy you are marring” Joe said as if she would call Sil’s parents if she doesn’t.

“Don’t you think she should wait for the guy to call first, won’t she appear too desperate if she calls him first” Addi said again

“Baby, she has only thirty days and if you will exclude today, she has only twenty-nine days left, so, do you really think she has the time to waste on thinking who is desperate and who is not” I was so pissed.

“I am gonna call him now, where is my phone, give me my phone” Silvia panicked.

“Easy cat, easy… call your parents first and then call him. Talk nicely and please do not panic” I said, I was actually concerned, as she was behaving damn crazy.

She took her cell phone and went to the terrace.

In the mean time we decided that we will prepare pepper chicken for dinner but for the time being we settled for tea and some snacks.

We three started chit chatting, firstly with arrange marriages, then complained about our managers, gradually moved to scope of different technologies, current openings, hikes and usual daily stuffs, when our drama queen came back from the terrace after approximately two hours, yes two hours!

She came back with a very very big smile on her face and yeah unlikely to her behavior she was blushing too.

“Oye hoye, what happened, you seem too happy” I said.

“Girls, he is kinda cute and understanding too. I liked him. He listened to my aspirations; he even said he will get me a work permit so, that I can get a job there as well”

“Hon, isn’t he a sex addict?” I said with a cunning smile on my face.

“Ohh, shut up, he is too cute to be that”

And that, ladies and gentleman was the fine moment when we lost our friend!

She used to be with us with her cell phone beeping constantly, need less to explain who beeped her.

In another twenty five days we were attending one of the our best friends marriage ceremony. Trust me those past twenty-five days were not easy. We have been shopping for the sarees, embroidered suits(very heavy embroidered yeah very, some of them had even golden work, some you can not even look directly to, you had to have sun glasses to look at, well, I won’t deny some were nice which even made me think to marry, but only for few seconds not more than that!)

Oh! I forgot about shopping for shoes, bags, make up kit (these stuffs are so costly, that tiny velvety vanity box cost her ten grands, shit, what can we apply on hardly seven inches of face for ten thousand bucks!) and how can I forget about lingerie (buying them was fun).

On 8th March, 2014 our friend got married. We became three from four. Though there is no culture of Bride’s maid in Punjabi families nor in ours but still we were self appointed three bride’s maid dressed similarly in different colors.

That was the first time I went to a wedding where I didn’t go only to eat or comment on the bride and the groom, it was the wedding of my friend. She looked like a princess yeah a princess loaded with gold!

“Do you believe our Sil is married” I said.

“I still don’t believe she will no longer roam around with us all over the city again, she won’t be there to have road side tea, go shopping with us, prepare her rajma chawal any more” Joe got upset and do did we.

We hugged each other and pledged, no matter whom we marry and where we go we will always be in contact.

“You know what, Silvia is too brave to fall into a marriage so soon. I am never gonna marry so fast, I need time” I said.

But girls, there is very common saying ‘Never say Never’ and the moment I said it, somehow somewhere in the universe there were meteors clashing, with huge lightening, some of the planets stopped for seconds, they changed their routes and finally my so did my FATE. Yeah my fate got Twisted, twisted as hell!


Millennials Co-Engagement Ring Shopping

It is no secret that Millennials are “beginning” life later than every generation preceding them. From starting their careers, to moving out of the house, to engagements and marriages; most of life’s important milestones are occurring well into their late 30s. How does this impact the process of shopping for an engagement ring?

Traditionally, man meets woman, falls in love with woman, asks for permission from her parents to propose, buys engagement ring, and asks her to marry him. With this forward thinking generation, a step has been taken away from the traditional and towards a more involved approach. Since Millennials are of a more “mature” age, compared to the average age of engaged couples in the past, it can be said that they know more of what they want and don’t want. Women are voicing the need to be involved in the process so that their future fiancé can’t get it wrong!

I have seen everything from a couple equally and joyously involved in the selection process together hand in hand excited about their future, to a very opinionated woman on Facetime conferencing from work demanding what she wants as her passive boyfriend sits in our showroom ready with credit card in hand. Now I am not here to pass judgment, but I will say this: this must be a mutual decision that you are both happy with. This new wave of couples choosing an engagement ring together warrants much discussion because it can either be very right or very wrong.

There is room for compromise. You are the traditional type of man. You want to court her and surprise her with that magical moment big reveal. She, however, is a modern girl who would like to have a say in what her ring will look like. If you have your heart set on having her see the ring for the first time when you open that box there is a way to make you both happy. You and your beloved can make a list of all the things she would love to see in her ring. Before you set out on your own, you can also go window-shopping. Have her point out a few ideal rings. This way she feels that she has been active in the process and had her voice heard. You are happy because you aren’t flying blind and still get to stick to some tradition.

Create another memory of togetherness. If the previous suggestion wasn’t hitting the mark, perhaps sharing in this moment together is the way to go. This could in fact bring you closer together. Venturing out to different jewelers to find the perfect ring as a couple can end up being another beautiful memory in your love story. You can watch her eyes light up with building excitement and anticipation as she picks from the many choices before her. She can watch the desire in your eyes, wanting this to be the beginning of your happily ever after together.

You define what “perfect” is. There is no right or wrong in this momentous occasion. Only the two of you can decide what is perfect for you and stick to it. Forgive those with their own opinions. After all, in the end, it will be you and her writing the story of your lives together. Make sure it is one that you will want to read again and again!