Quirky Ideas for Getting Engaged on the Beach

Due to a combination of natural beauty, a potentially intimate atmosphere conducive to romance, and just a little influence from Hollywood, secluded beaches in some tropical island or perhaps the one just down the road are now viewed as one of the most romantic places for getting engaged. And why not? A stroll along the sand, hand in hand with your beloved, finishing in some hidden-away dune where you can pop the question, can certainly make a memorable and romantic moment.

What most brides and grooms preparing a beach proposal may not be aware of is that there is more than one way of stating your intention of getting engaged to your significant other in this type of setting. The scenario described above is perhaps the default scenario every couple’s mind wanders to when envisioning a beach proposal, but more imaginative souls can certainly come up with slightly quirkier and more memorable ways to achieve the same goal.

Classic Beach Proposals

Of course, if all you are looking for is a traditional, tried-and-true beach proposal, you can always go with the one described above, which finishes with you on bended knee while he or she sits daintily on a dune, or the equally-as-traditional ‘name in the sand’ proposal. A picnic on the beach or, for the late-afternoon seaside strollers, a romantic bonfire are also good settings for ‘popping the question’ and have the benefit of being significantly less ‘played out’ than the other two options mentioned. Any of the four, however, would make for an excellent way of getting engaged on the beach.

A Quirky Touch

If, on the other hand, you want to infuse your proposal with a slightly quirkier touch, a beach setting gives you plenty of opportunity to do exactly that. You can, for instance, take cues from old shipwreck films and novels and send your beloved a ‘message in a bottle’. Of course, you need not have the bottle actually float in the water, as that would risk that the message might get lost. Simply place it in the sand near the water’s edge, in a place where you can ‘accidentally’ stumble across it during your stroll.

Other ways to pull off a quirky beach proposal include presenting the ring to your special one inside an oyster or – less recommended, for obvious reasons – burying it in the sand and using it as the prize in a scavenger hunt.

As you can see, then, there are plenty of ways, both traditional and quirky or unique, to carry out a proposal on the beach. Whichever one you choose, you should always ensure the beach where you and your partner are getting engaged is fittingly secluded and romantic. Popping the question amid old bleach bottles or screaming toddlers is definitely not conducive to the dream engagement ceremony.