Is There a Right Age for Getting Engaged?

Getting engaged is one of a handful of things people anticipate most in their lifetimes. Short of landing a dream job, getting married and perhaps having a baby, committing to a shared life with the partner of your dreams is one of the biggest objectives the average man or woman wishes to fulfil in the course of a lifetime.

With this in mind, it is easy to understand why so many young couples rush into the act of getting engaged, often without the necessary means or preparation for sharing a life together. This, in turn, leads a number of critics to decry young engagements, stating that men and women should wait until their late 20s and 30s before making this kind of decision. However, for each advocate of a more ‘mature’ engagement age, there will be another voice proclaiming that there is nothing wrong with getting engaged while young, and that it is the love, rather than the age or any other factor, which matters the most.

For future brides and grooms caught in the midst of these two opposing opinions, it may therefore be hard to ascertain which side is correct. The answer is both. The truth is, there seems to be no right or wrong age to get engaged; however, both camps present solid points as part of their argument.

Love Conquers All… Or Does It?

Should somebody wish to find a culprit for the ratio of young and unprepared people getting engaged without thinking of the consequences, the media in general might be a good target. Hollywood films and glossy magazines definitely glamorise the whole engagement process, and with a large portion of their audience consisting of men and women of impressionable age, it is not hard to see how the relationships and stories relayed in such media could lead to a high number of young engagements.

What most people fail to notice about rom-coms and glossy magazines, however, is that the people depicted in their portrayals of betrothal are usually very much in the upper-middle class and have established and well-paying jobs. They are, therefore, able to support themselves and their partner, something most young adults leaving school or just landing their first job may not be able to do. As such, it is not infrequent to see young engagements falling apart due to lack of preparation, planning or simply due to personalities still in their formative stages. Unlike what the media will tell young couples, love does not conquer all, and that lesson is often learned the hard way.

Seizing Youth

On the other hand, getting engaged at a later age may take some of the thrill and excitement out of the entire process. While it is not uncommon to see older couples as giddy about their engagement as their younger counterparts, young people tend to be more prone to seize the moment and be swept away in the prospect of a life together. As such, a young engagement (but not too young) can often be a more fulfilling experience than one carried out at a later age.

At the end of the day, however, the fact remains: there is no right or wrong age to get engaged, and opinions on this subject will always vary. It is therefore up to the brides and grooms-to-be to ascertain whether or not they have the means and the maturity to take this important step in not only their relationships, but also their lives.


Food-Related Proposal Ideas

Food is one of humankind’s greatest delights. There is nothing quite like a home-cooked meal to touch that spot deep inside which needs nurturing and comfort. As such, it is not surprising that so many people nowadays describe themselves as ‘foodies’. This title is no longer the privilege of those thin enough to indulge, either. Somewhere in the past few decades, much of humankind has learned how to enjoy food without gaining weight, and even frequent gym-goers are now known to post Instagram pictures of delicious-looking meals, either of their own making or those enjoyed at restaurants.

And the beauty of it is, food can be combined with pretty much any event. Special moments between a couple, for instance, can be enhanced with a good meal or a special edible treat. Proof of that are numerous food-related proposal ideas that are sure to interest brides and grooms who are food enthusiasts.

The Classic Way

The most classic and perennial food-related proposal ideas are, of course, the fancy restaurant meal during which the question is popped. A safe, if potentially pricey, favourite, the candlelit dinner at an upscale eatery is one of the best ways to guarantee the ‘yes’.

Another perpetual favourite, although more in the realm of fiction than reality nowadays, is the box of chocolates. The more health and figure-conscious bride or groom may balk at this type of choice from their significant other, but a clearly conveyed message is sure to charm and could well lead to that most coveted of answers.

The DIY Way

Another excellent way to pop the question, and one of the most important additions to the list of modern proposal ideas, is the home-cooked meal, prepared by the bride or groom and enjoyed in a romantic setting. This choice conveys love, tenderness and a desire to impress, and when coupled with a ring presentation, it is sure to charm the bride or groom enough to guarantee the likelihood of a positive reply.

This type of proposal ceremony is much more likely to be enjoyed if the party preparing the meal is not usually the ‘cooking type’, so less kitchen-savvy brides and grooms may want to keep this in mind.

The Innovative Way

Aside from these classical and safe proposal ideas involving food, more creative brides and grooms will certainly be able to add a few of their own to the list. Spelling out the question on the icing of a cake with Smarties or biscuits, for instance, is not unheard of, and certain types of brides and grooms may even appreciate slightly more offbeat ideas. For instance: do you have a pizza-loving couch potato for a significant other? Scrawl the question on the pizza box.

No matter how you choose to go about it, however, one thing is for certain: engagement proposals and food are definitely not mutually exclusive. Much to the contrary, they can be combined in any number of quirky ways.


Quirky Ideas for Getting Engaged on the Beach

Due to a combination of natural beauty, a potentially intimate atmosphere conducive to romance, and just a little influence from Hollywood, secluded beaches in some tropical island or perhaps the one just down the road are now viewed as one of the most romantic places for getting engaged. And why not? A stroll along the sand, hand in hand with your beloved, finishing in some hidden-away dune where you can pop the question, can certainly make a memorable and romantic moment.

What most brides and grooms preparing a beach proposal may not be aware of is that there is more than one way of stating your intention of getting engaged to your significant other in this type of setting. The scenario described above is perhaps the default scenario every couple’s mind wanders to when envisioning a beach proposal, but more imaginative souls can certainly come up with slightly quirkier and more memorable ways to achieve the same goal.

Classic Beach Proposals

Of course, if all you are looking for is a traditional, tried-and-true beach proposal, you can always go with the one described above, which finishes with you on bended knee while he or she sits daintily on a dune, or the equally-as-traditional ‘name in the sand’ proposal. A picnic on the beach or, for the late-afternoon seaside strollers, a romantic bonfire are also good settings for ‘popping the question’ and have the benefit of being significantly less ‘played out’ than the other two options mentioned. Any of the four, however, would make for an excellent way of getting engaged on the beach.

A Quirky Touch

If, on the other hand, you want to infuse your proposal with a slightly quirkier touch, a beach setting gives you plenty of opportunity to do exactly that. You can, for instance, take cues from old shipwreck films and novels and send your beloved a ‘message in a bottle’. Of course, you need not have the bottle actually float in the water, as that would risk that the message might get lost. Simply place it in the sand near the water’s edge, in a place where you can ‘accidentally’ stumble across it during your stroll.

Other ways to pull off a quirky beach proposal include presenting the ring to your special one inside an oyster or – less recommended, for obvious reasons – burying it in the sand and using it as the prize in a scavenger hunt.

As you can see, then, there are plenty of ways, both traditional and quirky or unique, to carry out a proposal on the beach. Whichever one you choose, you should always ensure the beach where you and your partner are getting engaged is fittingly secluded and romantic. Popping the question amid old bleach bottles or screaming toddlers is definitely not conducive to the dream engagement ceremony.


Your Engagement Ring: Rebuild It and They Will Come

Bringing someone back from the dead is a scary idea, especially if you never liked them in the first place. But what about resurrecting a favorite necklace or engagement ring? Inevitably, some of those items are lost, broken or simply wear down. In some cases, the damage may be irreparable, but often it just takes an expert to nurture that jewelry back to health.

Depending on the circumstances, there are a number of ways to make an old favorite new again. Whether it’s a beaten up brooch or embattled engagement ring, custom jewelers may well have a solution for restoring, rebuilding or repairing it.

Don’t Dis Repair

For seemingly delicate creatures, it’s amazing the abuse that can be weathered by a quality piece of custom jewelry such as an engagement ring. Jewelers have seen and heard it all, from tumbles on the ski slope to unplanned trips down the garburator.

So don’t panic if you scrape the leftovers into the sink and your precious ring goes along for the ride. Retrieve it (AFTER turning off the garbage disposal) and take it to a skilled custom jeweler. It’s quite possible that by straightening out the claws, smoothing out the metal and re-plating it, they can work wonders with that wayward engagement ring. May present a number of hazards to your prized possessions, but just because one of them goes down the drain doesn’t mean your hopes have to follow.

Restore, Rebuild and Relax

As far as traditions go, there’s nothing like several generations sharing the same engagement ring. Clans will often pass a favorite item down the family tree, but with those kinds of trees, their bite is often worse than their bark. As it moves from hand to hand to hand, the claws and bottom of the ring tend to wear out, especially if they haven’t been properly maintained over the years.

Adding to the problem, a wedding band and engagement ring worn together will rub against each other, leading eventually to an unsightly grind mark. Faced with all of these problems, it’s understandable that the layperson would label such an item as a lost cause. But before you write it off, read on.

Depending on the extent of the damage to your engagement ring, Custom designers can restore or rebuild it. In a worst case scenario, it may mean taking the entire model of the ring and making a whole new piece. You can then decide if the newer version will replicate the old one or be a totally different design. Either way, you’ll have something that will delight future members of the family tree and never leave you stumped.

The Gift that Keeps On Living

When shopping for the perfect present, few would think of repairing or rebuilding a necklace, brooch or engagement ring. Shoppers tend to assume that newer is better; however, in the process, they overlook the power of custom jewelry to keep significant moments or emotions alive for the recipient. A carefully boxed gift certificate that helps make that happen could be a great choice for the person who thought they had everything.

There are a host of reasons to make the old new again with that damaged or worn out engagement ring. There are a lot of skilled jewelers who would love to assist you. Whether you’re seeking a novel gift or a way to preserve your favorite memories, reviving custom jewelry is one experience you’ll never forget.


When Is The Best Time Of The Year To Propose

For all those of you who have been in a serious relationship for a while and are looking to pop the big question to your partner, the two most important questions perplexing you are when and how. How you plan to do it depends a lot on the likes and preferences of your beloved, something that will take her by surprise. However, getting the timing perfect might make all the difference to your proposal.

So, when is the best time of the year to propose? Winter or summer? Speaking to a few couples and gathering a few prevailing trends of over the years, here’s what we’ve found out.

Nailing the Right Date

There are a few days that have piped the others into becoming the best dates to make your proposal. Here’s a short list of them.

  • Valentine’s Day: This is a day that celebrates love. It celebrates relationships. Hence, there is no better day to ask your beloved to spend the rest of her life with you.
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day: Coming in at number 2, close behind Valentine’s Day, is Christmas Eve and Christmas day. The festive season has an abundance of love and romance in the air. Christmas Eve tends to be a more popular choice than Christmas day.
  • New Years Day: A new year is a new adventure in itself and asking someone to marry you on this day is like embarking on a new journey. There’s no better way to start the New Year than making new relationships and strengthening the older ones.
  • Birthdays: Although the most popular, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve tend to be somewhat predictable. If you really want to keep the suspense, get down on your knee on your beloved’s birthday promising to grow old with her each year. There is nothing that will surprise her more and make her day more special.

The Best Season of The Year

Looking at it in the larger picture, summer is the season for weddings. The climate is warm and pleasant and proves to be just the perfect backdrop for a wedding. Spring is for budding romances. It is fun and flirtatious. The best season for proposals is winter. It is when you make lifelong commitments. The seriousness of the season reflects in the seriousness of your decision to take your relationship to a whole new level.

We are not the only ones to make this claim; most jewelers report a sharp rise in the sale of engagement rings in the weeks leading up to the winter holidays. The simple reason behind winter being the popular season is because there are so many holidays. The festivities bring near and dear ones together allowing you to make things truly special. Besides, it is also a practical choice; get engaged in winter and married in summer.

As we end, just a small piece of advice. Don’t only restrict yourself to a particular date or season. Choose a date that is meaningful to the two of you.


Engagement And Wedding Ring Sets – Tips To Buy The Best-Matched

As far as other jewelry is concerned, we change it often to suit our liking and to match the latest fashion trends. However, the two pieces of jewelry you will never change in your life is your engagement ring and wedding band. After all, they are symbolic of the relationship you share with your spouse and also serve as a reminder of the two most important days in your life.

When shopping for wedding bands and engagement rings, many prefer matching sets as they sit one above the other on your finger. The trick is to buy rings that complement each other without looking overly matched. It involves considering key elements such as the metal, the band width, shape and embellishments. So, here’s how to go about it.

Band Width:

Both the rings should be of the same size in terms of the width. An extremely large wedding band will suffocate your engagement ring.

Matching Metals:

The other way you can match your wedding and engagement rings is by way of the metal. If you go for gold for your engagement one, it should also be gold for the wedding band. In addition to metals, the color of the metal should be similar. For instance, yellow gold clashes with rose gold. Try to make them in the same karat count so that they last the same time.

Embellishments and Designs:

The embellishments namely gems and stones and patterns on the ring must also be properly coordinated too. Here are some of the pairings you can consider.

  • An eternity or pave band as an engagement ring (a ring with a string of identically cut gemstones arranged in a continuous line) looks great when paired with a plain wedding band. It cuts out on the excess bling.
  • You can also wear an eternity band with a solitaire engagement ring or a three stone diamond band.
  • Speaking about the color of the stones embedded in the rings, keep the color constant for both. If you think it will look too gaudy, use colored stones for your engagement ring and white stones like diamonds for your wedding band.
  • If you are looking at a vintage wedding or engagement ring, you will have to pay more attention as they feature a lot more embellishments than modern rings. They include engravings and filigree. Choose either of the rings such that it emphasizes a feature in the other. Make sure the engraving is the same one both.
  • For a large and chunky engagement ring, stick with a neat and simple wedding band.
  • Most couples today are choosing rings with intricate and unusual designs. While it shouldn’t cause much of a problem, you should look for rings that match the curves and contours of the other. It not only looks neat but also has a purpose. It prevents one ring from wearing down the surface of the other.

If all fails, you can shop for ready bridal sets available at jewelry stores. A few sets include a set of three rings; an engagement ring and a wedding band for the bride and groom.


Things You Must Consider When Choosing An Engagement Ring

Whether you are shopping for an engagement ring alone or with your partner, there is a great need to find the most suitable. Even though the ring is supposed to be a surprise, there are some people who would prefer to shop for the ring with their partners so as to get the best. If you do not want to spoil the surprise, consider taking a friend instead of your partner for the shopping. This way you can test and try out the rings without having to disclose the surprise to the lady you are giving it to.


This is probably the most important factor you must consider long before you go shopping. You want to get the perfect ring and so it must be fitting. Know the fingers or take impressions of existing rings to make sure you purchase the perfect fitting ring.


Platinum, gold and silver are some of the options you have and you need to make the right choice. Silver is very popular with engagement rings, but you should make considerations to be sure it is what your partner would love. It should be comfortable and easy to go with the outfits.


Diamonds are more traditional with engagement rings; so consider going for a diamond ring. You can choose from the different sizes and shapes as well as diamond settings so that you have the most appealing and suitable one for your partner’s fingers and hands. Apart from diamonds, you have the choice of using other stones in the ring. The stone choice can determine the beauty of the ring; hence the need to factor it in before purchasing.


This will largely depend on the hand and how it is cut and designed. It can be wide or slim rounded or designed in any other shape. Whichever shape you settle for, ensure that it will be most comfortable on the finger of your partner. The ring might be worn round the clock so this is a very important consideration. The size of the ring should also be right to offer maximum comfort. A very tight ring will definitely not be any comfortable and a ring larger will tend to be more of a nuisance coming off often.


When choosing an engagement ring, it is also important to put into consideration other rings your partner wears. They could be of importance and hence she might want to wear them all at once. This should include the wedding ring probably to follow. Considering the rest of the rings will make it possible to go for a choice that gives enough allowances to make other rings shine and be visible. This is especially important for rings worn on the same fingers. Let them complement each other in color and sizes.


It is what will guide you to an affordable engagement ring. Luckily, there are very affordable, stunning rings that will make it possible for you to make a lasting impression without going over your financial limits.


How to Politely Refuse a Prospective Match

While contemplating the right person you would like to marry, it is not very unusual to search for the perfect mate. However, before that one comes along, checking out matrimony sites, or dating someone, can be a way to know him/her. But, just in case you believe that the two of you won’t suit, here is a short list of all the things to do, and what not to do at all while politely refusing other matches.

While refusing a prospective matrimonial match, do not rely on your parents or other people to go and break it to him/her. Rather, take up the responsibility to inform yourself. It is a far better gesture than asking someone else to relay the news to your match. Also, while refusing, keep these do-s and don’ts in mind.

Do –

    • Be gentle while letting him/her down. You might have just chatted online, or met each other once, or dated a few days, or even talked to each other’s families, it does not matter what the level of your relationship with the other person is. Whatever might not suit, understand that a human being’s feelings (and in some case, the feelings of his/her family and/or friends too) might get hurt. So please refrain from using any accusing or offensive language.


    • Be understanding. Your prospective match might have had his/her heart set on you. So, while letting someone down, be understanding, and try to understand their point of view. Listen carefully to what he/she says, and once they have spoken about their issues, then talk about what you might not be very comfortable with.


  • Be respectful. Explain that it is not your intention to hurt, but you believe that a match would not be suitable for certain reasons. The reasons might be many, but stick to a few which you can express with ease – like maybe you feel that your mentalities are a bit too different, or your outlook is different from the other person – the options are endless.

Don’t –

    • Point out flaws. If you don’t like him/her, that’s fine. But the “faults” you just pointed out might be perfect for someone else. We all come with our set of good and bad points, and it is perfectly fine to have some bad points as well as good. If the other party wants to learn the reason, do not accuse of some issue with the person or his/her family.


    • Be rude or indifferent. Remember, the other person is human. If you do not want to be with him/her, it is your decision, and that is absolutely fine. But the best way is to either call that person on the phone, or meet up, and politely explain your reason. If the other party wants to know the reason, state it nicely but firmly, and then explain why you believe you might not suit.


  • Be abusive, physically or verbally. Never use any kind of foul language while telling ‘No’ to someone’s matrimony offer. That is unacceptable, and you should always maintain civility, no matter how the other person might provoke you. If the person you are turning down start hurling abuses, do not respond to them, because maintaining dignity and being firm about the decision should be your ideal stance


Buying An Engagement Ring? How To Impress Her

If there is one thing women value when it comes to relationships, it is the engagement rings. On announcing that they are engaged to be married, the ring is the one thing most people will want to their lay eyes on. The value of the engagement rings remains to be very important and you therefore should ensure that you get her a ring that is valuable enough or one that will make her feel valued by you. With so many ring options today, you should have an easy time impressing her at an affordable level for you.

Know her style

This is the first step of getting an engagement ring that will impress her. You can tell her style by the kind of jewelry she wears and what she admires when you are out window shopping. To get a hint, you can actually take her out on a shopping stroll and ensure you enter into a jewelry store and make a stop at the ring area just to see what type of rings she gives most attention to. You can ask simple questions relating to her preferences without making it look as though you are about to purchase the ring. As soon as you have the details you need, you can shift to other items in the shop to distract ring concentration. Alternatively, you can use one of her close friends to help you make a decision on the type of ring that she would love.

Know your financial limits

You of course want to impress your lady with a high quality engagement ring, but you also want to make sure that it is definitely something you can comfortably afford. Set a reasonable budget for the ring so that you will have an easy time narrowing your search for the best. The budget should be good enough to give her a high quality ring she will love wearing every day.

Find for the perfect ring

Now that you know what her preferences are and you have the money ready, it should be time to start shopping for the best. The internet is one of the most convenient platforms you can use to find the perfect ring. This is because you will be able to go through hundreds of ring options from different jewelers within a short period of time and be able to pick out those rings that you love the most. The online shopping also gives you the chance to compare prices and determine the value and quality of the ring you are about to buy.

Customize the ring

Whereas it is very possible to find an engagement ring that needs no additional features, you might still find it better to personalize the ring to make an impression on your lady. You can add stones to it or have it engraved with her name or your name or a sort message of love on the inner band parts. Taking time to make the ring into what you feel she would love goes to show that you really care about her and she will forever remain impressed.


Tips In Choosing Proposal Packages

Before planning for your marriage, it is essential for individuals to spend time to know each other. Of course, you do not want to marry a person who you do not completely know. Apart from knowing each other, it is also important for a man to propose.

Proposing to a woman can be very difficult since you need to make sure that you create a romantic scene, such as a man kneeling down and showing a ring. Eventually, there are numerous proposal ideas you can use. However, if you are looking for the real deal, it is best to opt for proposal packages. To help you find the ideal proposal package that will make your girl say “Yes,” listed below are some important tips in choosing such packages.

Choose a romantic location

First and foremost, it is important for you to choose a romantic location for your proposal. Opting for the right location, may it be the first place you met partner or perhaps a dream place your partner wishes to visit. All these are good ideas when opting for proposal packages. In this way, you can find the right place for you to propose.

Know what your partner wants

Another thing you need to consider when opting for a proposal package is the needs of your partner. Every girl has her dream proposal. Therefore, it is vital to know what your partner wants to help you create a memorable event before your wedding, like a simple candlelight dinner, adventurous tropical vacation or even a romantic garden date.

Set your budget

Before stressing about the numerous packages you can choose from, it is also best that you first set your budget. Setting your budget can help you decide more efficiently. Not to mention, having sufficient budget can also help you include some of your personal ideas to the package to make it more memorable.

Hire proposal planners

In case that you do not have any idea on how to create a wonderful proposal event for your partner, you can opt for the services of proposal planners. These planners can help you device a plan on how you can propose properly. Reputable planners also provide proposal packages to help you ensure that you have the best plan to make your girl say “Yes.”